Friday, December 14, 2007

Haren to D'Backs

So much for the Dan Haren-to-Cleveland dream.

Haren was sent to Arizona in an eight-player deal that pretty much emptied the Arizona farm system.

In another deal,
Mike Lamb signed with the Twins.

It's past my bedtime, so we'll leave it at that for now.


moose said...

well the good news is that he did not go to an AL team. I am sure haren will do fine in Arizona. Dont know much about the 6 guys the A's got if any of them will even make the roster. The tribe has numbers and prospects to trade - I guess they just dont want to. I guess they are afraid of giving up kids who will turn out good like brandon phillips - they are sure putting a lot of confidence that the guys from last year will be better and will have no injuries. It will all start in about 100 days again

hows the weather in NY.

Ron Vallo said...

I can understand the Tribe not wanting to send a boatload of young guys for someone like Santana, who's a free agent next year and will cost an obscene amount. But I don't know why they wouldn't sacrifice some guys for Haren, who is under team control for three years at a very "cheap" price. Same goes for Jason Bay, unless they are concerned about his injuries.

Anonymous said...

what a revolting development this is. once again, the indians get left at the altar with all the best intentions in the world, but nothing to show for it. why can't the indians seem to complete any deals of any significance??? they seem to over-value all their own prospects and hoard them at trade-time, but they tend to under-value them at rule 5 draft and out-of-options time and eventually lose them for nothing by having to put them on waivers or get very little or next to nothing for them in a forced dfa trade. can you imagine what sort of players cincy would be able to get in exchange for brandon phillips now. certainly more than just a single-a pitcher that the tribe got for him. oh well, that's still more than what they got for brian barton and matt whitney, which is nothing at all.

Ron Vallo said...


an excellent point. why save so many prospects that you lose them to Rule 5 or to the options limit, especially the latter? Teams know Marte will either make the team or be around for free picking, so why pay something now? It's an obvious point, but one I never really thought of until you pointed it out.

I guess you really CAN have too many propsects

Anonymous said...

ron, you are absolutely correct. by the same token, it's one thing to have too many prospects. it's quite another to not be willing to trade them. mark shapiro seems as if he's scared of making a mistake by giving a team the next grady sizemore and so he just keeps his prospects. the problem is that he may have done just that when brian barton was lost to the cardinals in the rule 5 draft and he didn't get a damn thing in return. very short-sighted on shapiro's part. you just watch now, another team will give pittsburgh a couple of minor league pitchers and another outfielder in exchange for jason bay and none of those players will be anywhere close to the talent level of atom miller, aaron laffey or trevor crowe. oh by the way, speaking of crowe, he is bound to become the next brian barton as long as grady continues to patrol center field. i guarantee you he will be a future rule 5 casualty.