Sunday, August 23, 2009

Found: Tall right-hander, Answers to the name 'Fausto'

Fausto Carmona - missing in action for nearly two years now - has been found.

And he was right where the Tribe left him - on the mound at Progressive Field (though it was Jacobs Field when he was last seen prior to Sunday).

For the past two seasons - we have learned - an impostor has been wearing Fausto's No. 55 and taking the hill for the Tribe.

It is rumored that Tribe manager Eric Wedge, being tied up with his self-challenge to come up with 162 different lineups in one season, didn't realize the impostor had slipped into Fausto's uni beginning in spring training 2008.

It is unclear where the real Fausto has been over the past 23 months.

One thing is clear - the "real" Fausto - or at least what the Tribe hopes is the real Fausto - made the start Sunday at Progressive Field.

This Fausto had a ball that moved, but just far enough out of the zone to entice Seattle hitters to put the ball into play, or in the case of eight Mariners - miss it altogether. He had poise and "stayed within himself," as the players like to say.

It made all the difference in the world.

In all Carmona went seven innings, allowing five hits, one walk and one run. He threw 116 pitches - 76 of them for strikes.

It was - no doubt - Fausto's best outing of the season.

Tony Sipp and Chris Perez finished things off quite easily over the final two innings, lending more credence to the rumor that some semblance of a bullpen has also been found - also after a two-year absence.

The guys who are likely to make up the core of next year's team - Travis Hafner, Jhonny Peralta, Grady Sizemore, Luis Valbuena and Matt LaPorta continued the team's hot hitting, making for a pleasant "family fun" day at the ballpark.

All of which is well and good, but the best piece of news to come down the pike in a while is that the real Fausto apparently has been found.

That, more than any other individual development in recent weeks, is key to the Tribe returning to respectability next season.


Anonymous said...

Fausto was amazing to watch last night. A few times you saw his mechanics get out of whack but he righted himself each time. Great to see. If he can keep that consistency he very well could be the same pitcher we saw in 2007.

What a HUGE boost that would be for the rotation going forward.

And man, where did this pen come from?

Just think how good Chris Perez could be after he has that foot surgery! Says he's pitching through pain right now.....he has lost a mph on his fastball...if he gets that back? yikes....

I really hope we can find a way to move Wood this winter for anything of value. Really want Perez to get some looks in the closers role. He's got the goods.

Part of me almost wants to see Masterson back there too....him and Perez in the 8th and 9th inning could be lights out for years to come.....

Anonymous said...

So where the crap has Fausto been this whole time, then? Off in search of a way to summon the hordes of midges whenever he wants? Well, whatever. I'm taking this start with a grain of salt. If he pitches like this again in his next game, THEN I'll be willing to get my hopes up.

Also definitely agree that Perez needs a shot at closer. The kid clearly has the stuff, but that's never been the issue (Wood has great stuff, but he can't aim). Perez has also demonstrated that he has the pitch control and mental toughness to handle the pressure of the role, so why not give him a shot? Can't hurt.

Doracle said...

I love Fausto, but it's tricky to predict what he'll deliver come 2010. Always frustrating when a pitcher clearly has the "stuff" to compete, but fails for whatever reason.

I'm not certain whether Fausto's precipitous decline is more due to a lack of command or hitters simply laying off his tremendous sinker. I'd personally gravitate towards the former, though, which gives me hope.

Given the current roster, I think that the 2010 Indians might be able to contend if everything breaks ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Fausto putting up a 3.50 ERA as opposed to a 5.50 ERA is a huge part of that. And right now, I have absolutely no idea which one is more likely.

Anonymous said...

fausto carmona - one game wonder

laporta and marte are looking good


Anonymous said...


it was 5 years ago tribe 22-0 yanks 0

omar 6 for 7

the memories

Anonymous said...

nothing much lately on the blog - how about the team of the future brantley, laporta, cabrera, huff, perez -these guys are looking good

cliff who ???

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