Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Tribe head scratcher

I want to write something positive.

I desperately do. You have to take my word for it.

But again tonight I find myself with nothing good to say about the latest Tribe development - minimal though it may be.

The Tribe added another warm body to its bullpen today. A 32-year-old righty who doesn't even qualify at the level of journeyman, unless the journey through the minor leagues counts.

Winston Abreu, the guy picked up from Tampa Bay for 25-year-old reliever John Meloan, has pitched all of 42 innings at the big-league level, for three teams. He spent last season in Japan before getting a shot in spring training with the Rays.

Abreu has spent most of the season in AAA Durham, posting a 3-0 record with 10 saves and a 1.41 earned-run average, in 23 games. Triple-A batters hit .128 against him and he struck out 49 in 32 innings.

That performance prompted a call up by the Rays nearly three weeks ago, and in that time he managed 2 outings before being DFA'd. His lifetime ERA is 6.43 in just 42 MLB innings, with three different teams - and again he's 32 years old.

Sounds like he'll fit right in here in Cleveland.

In return, the Tribe sent to Tampa Meloan - a guy who created at least a mild stir around the Tribe corner of the blogosphere when he was acquired in the Casey Blake trade last year.

Granted, Meloan's numbers at AAA Columbus this season have been shockingly bad - a 5.52 ERA in 42 innings - but he is 7 years younger than Abreu, who - at his advanced age - has yet to establish himself in the bigs.

I'm not saying this trade will bring down the already-teetering organization.

The deal, like the team itself, prompts little more than a yawn.

But it's clear Abreu has shown he is not a major leaguer; his 6.43 lifetime ERA, and minimal big-league service time is all you need to know.

Maybe Meloan will never amount to anything either. But he is 25 and at least has a little while longer to figure things out before he can be declared a bust.

I know I've been advocating change. But trading a 25-year-old, ineffective reliever for a 32-year-old ineffective reliever is not exactly the change I was looking for.

Smells like a move for the sake of making a move to me.


Anonymous said...

indians win - indians win

how did that happen
maybe david huff has some potential

Anonymous said...

abreu - head scratcher

or scratching something else

Anonymous said...

moose said

why did they release herges for abreu - herges was one of the better bullpen pitchers

2 in a row - maybe we should move to the AL west

Anonymous said...

Herges being cut was a move coming for a while now. Suprised it took this long. His numbers in June were scary bad....even for a Tribe bullpen arm. He has nothing left and was getting by earlier on guts alone.

Did well for us....but time to move on.

Meloan has been downright terrible this year....and I wonder if there was some friction between him and the coaching staff in AAA. Seems like there could be more to this than is on the surface.

That said, can't fault this move. Meloan isn't gonna help us this year...and likely wouldn't next year either. He'd be out of options then.

Abreu could continue to pitch well this year and be a decent find for the pen next year.

We just traded total crap for a useful piece of junk basically.....

We're better now as an organization...but not by much....