Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time to farm out Fausto

He started the season as the No. 2 starter.

He was supposed to be the Tribe's next ace.

But so far this season Fausto Carmona has proven that 2007, not 2008, was the fluke.

And today it has become more than evident that Fausto needs to go back to Columbus to figure out just what the heck has gone wrong for him since his storybook season in 2007.

Carmona got blasted again today, allowing 7 runs in just two innings - including two three-run jacks to Jason Kubel - in the Tribe's 11-3 loss to the Twins.

The home run ball is not his only problem.

Carmona walked three batters in just two innings, while striking out only one. For the season he's walked 41 and struck out just 36.

In his last three starts he's pitched a total of 7 1/3 innings, allowing 19 runs in the process.

His ERA for the season sits at 7.42 and he has allowed 69 hits in 60 2/3 innings. Add in the 41 walks and that works out to 110 base runners allowed in those 60 2/3, for a WHIP of nearly 2.00.

All the numbers aside, Fausto is just plain lost.

He hasn't a clue.

And it is time to send him to Columbus to figure out just what has gone wrong and to fix things away from the spotlight of the majors.

The only argument that can be made against sending Carmona down is the fact that there is no one you really want to see in a rotation that already includes David Huff and Jeremy Sowers.

But what sense is there in sending Carmona out every five days to get pounded?

Tomo Ohka has replaced Fausto after Carmona's early exit in his last two starts. He's pitched five innings and given up three runs in each of those outings. Not exactly sterling work, but enough to keep the team in the game.

And it's not like Ohka would be in the rotation for too long.

By the end of the month, if not sooner, Aaron Laffey, Scott Lewis and Jake Westbrook will come off the DL and could serve as replacements for Ohka, Sowers and/or Huff.

I don't expect much out of Westbrook because he'll need the rest of the season just to rebuild strength, velocity and control. But certainly Laffey should make the rotation better and Lewis offers some hope as well.

One thing is clear though, Carmona needs a break from the big time and needs to get his head together - something that he won't be able to do if he keeps getting it bashed in every five days.

My guess is the Tribe, which currently has eight pitchers in the pen, will activate Travis Hafner sometime Friday, move Ohka to the rotation for now and send Carmona down.

I know that is what I would do.


Anonymous said...

gimeniz to the rescue - let him play

Anonymous said...

moose said

you were right on - ship out fausto

what next manager ron

Anonymous said...

only 6 games out

pavano - got to give him credit
doing a great job