Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Isaac gone, problems solved

The off-season ahead is going to require lots of activity by the Tribe's front office if the team is to make a strong run at the Central Division next year.

The moves are already underway. The first one - I must say - is not one I had anticipated.

Bullpen coach Luis Isaac has been whacked. We're going all the way now.

Luis Isaac has been in the Tribe organization for 44 years.

Have we won a championship in those 44 years?

Case closed.

I have no way of knowing what goes on in the Tribe bullpen, in coaches meetings and in the locker room in general.

So perhaps the firing is justifiable.

But Isaac seems to have been able to do whatever job was put before him for four decades.

He's worked for numerous managers and managements. I've never read anything but good things about Isaac.

In a Plain Dealer story about the firing, Isaac took the dismissal in stride, and one of his former charges - possible 2009 closer Jensen Lewis - had good things to say.

"Louie was like a father to all of us in the bullpen. Last year down the stretch and in the playoffs we really leaned on him. He was always steady, always calm. You could ask him anything."

Again there may be reasons why the first move of the off-season was to get rid of the old guy who carries the catchers mitt around in the bullpen.

And Tribe manager Eric Wedge sure gave Isaac every chance to find another job - firing him pretty much the minute the plane touched down on the last flight of the last road trip of the season.

But to me, this move seems rather Yankee-esque.

Someone's head should roll, why not Isaac's?

Speaking of Wedge, he talked of plans for next year with the Plain Dealer. There weren't too many surprises.

He expects another solid year out of Cliff Lee next year and that Fausto Carmona - who never got it together this injury-plagued year - will be back on track next year. The rest of the rotation - in addition to a likely acquisition of a veteran from someplace - will come from the following group: Aaron Laffey, Jeremy Sowers, Scott Lewis, Anthony Reyes, Zach Jackson and David Huff.

The Tribe will look for a closer, but is thinking of Jensen Lewis as a Plan B.

Wedge also said Jhonny Peralta's position will be determined by whether the team is able to get a second baseman or a third basemen during the off-season. Again, no surprise.

The manager also said Josh Barfield will get another shot at 2B, if there's an opening there.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the interview is the depth to which Ryan Garko apparently is still in the Wedge dog house:

"Instead of saying, 'I had a great year, I tied for the team lead in RBI,' he needs to say, 'I did OK, but I need to do better.' I think he's capable of being a part of this. He can be an everyday player or a role player, depending on which guy shows up. . . . It's nothing I haven't said to him."

Ya think Garko's name will be uttered on the Tribe's end of any trade talks?


the moose said...

class move by indians - dump isaac in the dark of the night - the truth was he was more liked and respected than our pitching coach and manager

read bill livingston in 10/2 plain dealer that says it all

angels and cubs look like they will choke again

Ron Vallo said...

A little early to assume a choke, but they sure got off on the wrong foot.

the moose said...

CC - Mr. October replacing AROD

did you hear his comments about too much expected of him last year

cant see the brewers winning 3 in a row

this might be charlies year !!!!

the moose said...

not too early for cub choke
down 5-0 in second 2 error !!!

the moose said...

whats worse than being an indian fan ?

A. Mets fan
B. Cubs fan
C. Angels fan
D. Whire Sox fan
E. Browns fan

have a great day !!

the moose said...

I think it is safe to say the cubs choked

the moose said...

so CC's season is over
whats next ??

Anonymous said...

if only you're headline would read more something like this: "wedge gone, problems solved" well then i would agree. hee-hee!!!

the moose said...

good to sse someone else to post on this forum - the playoffs are going about as expected. The rays are the indians of 2007. They will be close but no soccer. The redsox are living right and have some great young players - lowrie, pedroria, lester, masterson, and papelbon to name a few. was jememy sowers to be our lester. Good trade for jason bay. The NL - I am happy for charlie manual - the phillies have the talent and are playing well.

when does baseball start again - it will be a long football season in cleveland

Anonymous said...

wheres Ron - he is gone !!!